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Welding & Fabrication

We handle a wide range of welding and fabrication needs.

Osha Certified


No mechanical repair to large or small, covering a wide range of areas; Automotive, motorcycle, electrical, body repair and specialized training in small engines/power equipment.

Out-side the box

What makes Apex unique is our slogan "We fix anything"

Our ability to solve out-side the box problems is our greatest strength.


Contact us

Apex Fabrication & Repairs




Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm

Will consider weekend and after hours upon request.

Thanks for submitting!

Tel: (239)389-0200

Location: Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers & all of SWFL


This is a small shop, only two full time workers, but they are deeply versed in engine repair, maintenance, and replacement. Whatever you need done, it couldn't be in better hands here. They may seem pricey, but compared to all of the other shops on the island they really do cut you a deal.

To get a little more peraonal; the workers have more patience than I could ever hope for. I've seen them deal with customers that would have made me go through the roof. I'm also deeply indebted to both of them for helping me work through many of my own mechanical issues.

Erik Olson

Great bunch of guys.

Eric Walton

Great service, the repair was done in under 90 minutes.

Christopher Koch